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The Soundsmith offers several levels of product. To distinguish between them:

Replicated CDs

These are the highest quality product, from legitimate CD pressing facilities. They are fully guaranteed for quality of reproduction. Every effort is made to bring you nothing but the finest musical experience.

Duplicated CDs from original masters

These are duplicated as needed onto quality brand-name media (I use Verbatim discs for top quality and reliability) in small batches. The original masters may be from ADAT, DAT or multi-track analog tape, and the quality is as high as the original master allows. Again, the media are guaranteed – if the CD does not play properly upon receipt, we will replace it at no charge.

Duplicated DVDs from original masters

These are edited by The Soundsmith and individually duplicated as needed onto quality brand-name media. The original master files that are composited and edited into these DVDs come from a variety of video and audio sources, and the quality is as high as the original masters allow. Once again, the media are guaranteed – if the DVD does not play properly upon receipt, we will replace it at no charge.

Duplicated CDs from cassettes or live recordings from
less-than-professional sources

Some music was originally recorded onto relatively low-end media, such as audio cassette, which may be distorted or of low fidelity. These CDs are identified at the purchase page, so there is no question of getting a poor-sounding product without advance notice.
Some of our customers just like the music so well they are willing to put up with the distortion. Listen closely to the tracks, what you purchase will sound just like that.

Audio Alert!  Then, there are the mud tracks!  Audio Alert!

There are several tracks on the site that are not offered for sale, the quality is simply too poor. If you really would like a copy, send me an email and I’ll point you to the link where you can just download them, no charge. Not responsible for eardrums damaged by listening to the terrible recording quality!

All Soundsmith products are guaranteed as to the quality of the media only. Product received in damaged condition will be replaced, at the sole discretion of the vendor, with a new copy of the same product. Under no circumstances will replacement be made with a product other than that specified in the original order.

Listen carefully to the music demos. These are MP3 (reasonably high fidelity) excerpts from the actual product, so you can audition the music in advance. CDs are recorded digitally for high-quality sound, and mixed and mastered carefully to maximize your listening experience. We are proud of our products, and want you to enjoy them! CDs may be duplicated (CD-R) or replicated (pressed) media. The Dino and David – Crossfire and other Dino and David CDs are replicated in the USA. The other CD products we offer are duplicated and checked by hand.

iOS Device Purchases

iOS devices (iPhones, iPods, iPads) can download individual tunes, videos and/or PDF files without complication. Album downloads are packaged as .ZIP files, and must be saved to a computer. iOS devices have no way to handle these files. Save the ZIP file to your computer, and import into iTunes.



The shipping costs of CDs, DVDs and musical scores is now included in the price of the item. As a result, you may wish to contact us directly if ordering in quantity greater than two.

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Dash Radio

DashRadio is a small independent window that you can leave open while you navigate this (or any other) site. Almost the entire Soundsmith library is incorporated, including all full-length Life Cycle and Crossfire tracks. Tracks are randomly selected, and the music spans many years and recording qualities, from fully mastered mainstream release to crude rehearsal cassette recordings.

Clicking on the DashRadio selection in the menu bar will launch the player. If it is already active, it will select a new tune with each click of the NEW button. Volume can be modified with the volume slider. To purchase a song or an album, click BUY. Songs that are Not Available or Not Ready to sell are marked in the player’s window, these are not for sale at this time. Again, songs download to iOS devices as desired; it is recommended that you use your computer to download entire albums.

At this time, it is highly recommended that you close the player before listening to a song from the active page, else you will have two pieces playing simultaneously. We’re working to fix this

About the Videos

All the videos on this site have been created from footage of the events recorded along with relevant photos. In some cases, the videos are a simple linear recordings of the event, in others, recreated from many independent sources. Sony Vegas was used as video editor, and my special thanks to Ken Burns for the inspiration for the project, without the pan-and-zoom techniques he popularized, the videos would be much more boring…

There are too many contributors to name individually, but my thanks to all of you who contributed photos and video clips.

About Soundsmith Products

These tracks are as clean and well-produced as we were capable of under the circumstances. Some tracks are simply copies of the original masters, in other cases there are no “masters,” rather just cassette recordings made by a home-office style cheap recorder. This is why our warranty is so convoluted. If you have issues with any Soundsmith product, let us know and we will do whatever is in our power to make it right.