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I’ve been playing music all my life, especially jazz and blues. Some highlights of my career include the creation of one of the first Multimedia albums with Michael Nesmith, a Columbia album with Latin-Jazz artist Willie Bobo, and several years of study at the Ali Akbar Khan College of Music in Marin County.

I’ve played Carnegie Hall, the Hollywood Bowl, Montreux, the Northsea Festival, the Playboy Jazz Festival, the Monterey Jazz festival and the Monterey Blues Festival, plus many smaller venues. I’ve been a member of the Musician’s Union for over 25 years, currently a Life Member of San Francisco Local 6 (after a merger with Local 153 in San Jose, after a merger with the Monterey Musician’s Union.)

In my ‘jazz’ hat, I play a variety of styles from swing to avant-garde, but my strongest format (IMHO) is post-bop mainstream.
As a blues artist, I’m most comfortable in organ-based jazz or funky blues (Jimmy Smith era) although I play rock and ‘roots’ styles as well.
My electronic compositions cover many styles and techniques. Much of what I do falls into the category of what I call Electronic Impressionism, music that is harmonically rich, with programmatic themes and a tendency to build in emotional and technical intensity.