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Blues Tunes

Some tracks are Sibelius scores, these are very mechanical,
others are rehearsals or live performance.

Watch for this warning symbol.  Audio Alert!
This track has poor audio or incomplete sequencing, and is for reference only.

As live performances become available, the tracks will be updated. Currently, only Love is Blind and Celebration Blues are actual tracks, all else is just to give an idea of the basic rhythm and chord progression (and even those tunes use drum machine tracks…

Blues Reference

  • Love Is Blind by Rhinoblossom
  • Celebration Blues by Rhinoblossom
  • You Just My Size by David Kempton
  • Blues for a Broken Headlight by David Kempton
  • Homeless Blues by David Kempton
  • Blues Man by David Kempton
  • B3 Player Blues by David Kempton

Original Blues Tunes

Over the years, I have written a number of blues tunes. Many of these were simple organ 12-bar blues in a typical B3-era format. The current crop of blues are more of a mixed bag, standard jazz organ heads, old Delta-style twangy blues, contemporary sarcastic blues, they’re all in there. Help yourself, but remember, they are all copyright by me, David Kempton, so if you record ’em, talk to me.


About the Tunes

Ain’t Nothin’ Left That’s Honest But The Blues

A song about society’s inner self-destruction.
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B3 Player Blues  Audio Alert!

I’m a B3 Player, baby. Lemme tell you about it…

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Bag of Blues

An innovative way to handle stress – Deepak Chopra, take note…
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Blues for a Broken Headlight

What if you met the love of your life by repairing her car? A musically programmatic redeployment of the idea that generated Padiddle, A similar melodic twist was used here.
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Blues Man  Audio Alert!

Just a nasty old dude with a battered guitar and a beat-up deck of cards – but he fonky…

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Celebration Blues

This was written for the 1993 Monterey Blues Festival. After we had finished recording the track, I discovered the theme for that year was “Celebrate The Blues.”
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Gold-Diggin’ Blues

Do you know this person?
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Homeless Blues  Audio Alert!

Bums. Vagrants. Homeless. Ronin.
Sometimes, even when it’s not a choice,
it still is.

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Love is Blind

The truth about the truth…
And note that I did not say, “Love is Blonde”

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You Just My Size

A funky, New-Orleans-style slow Boogaloo
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