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After The Fall


About the Lyrics

The song tells the story of Adam and Eve after their expulsion from the Garden. Even though he is freezing, starving and exhausted, Adam comes to realize that Love is worth the loss of Eden.

Features the vocals of Richard Bryant, recorded in a single take. Check out his amazing sustain on the last note of the song!

After The Fall


Cold, so very cold. The searing wind blows right through these stinking skins.
I remember the comfortable warmth of the Garden.
Hunger, bellies swollen and starved, the last of the rancid meat gone three days ago.
I remember the sweetness of fruit, especially the Tree (that damnable tree!)

Is there no shelter for two who’ve been driven out of perfection and into the storm?
Is there no end to the pain and the torment? is there no mercy, no chance to reform?
Is there no rest for the victims of evil? Was what we did so terribly wrong?

<guitar solo>

Now I am naked, hiding from shadows, such a terrible price to pay to be wise;
I remember life so innocent in the Garden.
Ahh, but she’s lovely, even huddled against the storm – I never knew that before.
She moves me to dare anything – everything – even slap the face of God.
We played like children, carefree and careless, no mystery in her casual touch.
But now, cast out from Utopian havens, I need her near me so awfully much;

After the Fall, we lost a Paradise;
After the Fall, she’s worth the sacrifice;
After the Fall, I know what love’s about;
After the Fall, I cannot do without;
After the Fall, I would not trade the pain;
After the Fall, I’d do it all again;
After the Fall, we’ll make it on our own…

copyright © 1991 David Kempton

Original Music

I don’t write a lot of vocal music, partially because I don’t sing, but also because I prefer the power of the music undiluted. If you need words to convey the feeling of the melody, then the melody is not strong enough…

On the other hand, sometimes words are conveyed more effectively when sung, when the dance of rhythm and pitch improves our understanding of the message. This is a perfect example. After The Fall was written to illustrate a point – Eden is where you make it; it is our personal responsibility to insure our own happiness, love and survival, not that of some alternate daddy-in-the-sky. Go thou and be happy…