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Intro: Almost Like Being In Love

Andy Weis Presents the Monterey All-Stars Videos

Garden Stage Sunday Evening

About the Monterey All-Stars


That this show happened at all is a tribute to the perseverance and persistence of one man, Mr. Andy Weis. Without his hard work and dedication, this could never have taken place.
These pages have Andy’s comments on the show as well as my own. Please enjoy the Festival with us…


The perfect song with the perfect lyrics sung by the perfect
gentleman/singer/entertainer-Lee Durley to start out a once in a lifetime evening.
When Lee is onstage, everyone knows we are in for something special. Everyone showed
to play their hearts out and we were ready to perform the finale of the 50th
Monterey Jazz Festival.

Check out the solos by Bob Phillips and Paul Contos and especially Dan Robbins, who
seems to make the upright bass cower under his masterful touch. Dan I believe, will
be a powerful force and eventually a legend in music.

Almost like being in love? No, this IS love and respect to the music and to each
other. It doesn’t get any better than that.


  • Lee Durley, Vocals
  • Paul Contos, Alto Sax
  • Bob Phillips, Piano
  • Steve Ezzo, Guitar
  • Dan Robbins, Bass
  • Andy Weis, Drums

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