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Straight No Chaser

Andy Weis Presents the Monterey All-Stars

Straight, No Chaser

About Straight, No Chaser


The local Monterey musical community was blessed to have Ali Ryerson live, teach and perform with us for many years. She is a true Monterey All Star and now travels the world sharing her music and expertise in both the classical and jazz fields.

This performance was the one and only song that was not rehearsed beforehand. Action and reaction=pure jazz. So I asked Ali, “What would you like to play”? She replied, “Oh, how about a blues like Straight No Chaser”? “Great”! The wonderful surprise to all of us playing on this tune was the tempo that she counted off. Quarter note = 260 beats a minute. Take no prisoners. We all hopped on that train in that moment and had one heck of a ride. I chose to use brushes here to feature the soloists more and that it’s becoming rare that drummers use brushes on fast tempos. After Bob’s beautiful intro to set things up there were incredible solos by all. Listen to the incredible counterpoint interaction between Ali and Brian after the drum solo.


I have known Ali Ryerson for many years, and consider her one of the finest flautists of today. Her warmth, humor and vitality are expressed in every note she plays, and it is always a great joy to hear her expressive phrasing.


  • Ali Ryerson: Flute
  • Brian Stock: Fluegelhorn
  • Bob Phillips: Piano
  • Dan Robbins: Bass
  • Andy Weis: Drums

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