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Finale: Muddy Water

Andy Weis Presents the Monterey All-Stars

Finale: Muddy Water

About the Finale


For the last piece of the evening, we brought the whole ensemble back to burn through a crowd-pleasin’, free-wheeling blues of classic proportions. Everybody got a turn to burn, and everybody did just that! The audience loved it, which was the point, and we closed out the 50th Monterey azz Festival with a rousing climax.


  • Lee Durley: Vocal
  • Ali Ryerson: Flute
  • Kenny Stahl: Flute
  • Paul Contos: Alto Sax
  • Gary Regina: Alto Sax
  • Roger Eddy: Tenor Sax
  • Paul Tarantino: Bari Sax
  • Brian Stock: Fluegelhorn
  • Lauri Hofer-Romero: Vocal
  • Bob Phillips: Electric Piano
  • Jan Deneau: piano
  • David ‘Dasher’ Kempton: Hammond B3
  • Steve Ezzo: Guitar
  • Dan Robbins: Bass
  • Dennis Murphy: Electric Bass
  • Andy Weis: Drums

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