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Andy Weis Presents the Monterey All-Stars

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About the Making of the Videos

Minimalist Creation

This was an interesting challenge – to create a 90-minute video with less than 12 minutes of original video from the event, and most of that of poor quality and less-than optimum position (much of the live video comes from the backstage entrance, and only the drummer and bassist are visible! Most of the rest is from standard hand-held cameras set to video mode.) And I should mention this is all in old-fashioned 4:3 mode, like standard television – no widescreen or HD – yet…

There were simply not enough photos for all the songs, so I had to reuse them more often than I like. But the performances were all first-rate, so I did it anyhow. Thank goodness for Ken Burns and Sony Vegas 6.0…

The audio came directly from the stage mixing console, and isn’t that bad – except there was a -30dB filter at 200 Hz across the entire show that cut the bass to virtually inaudible. I had to try and ‘undo’ the filter, with less than perfect results. (This is not a swipe at the sound techs, it’s necessary wind noise prevention – but it makes it hard to get a good audio track.)


  • Lee Durley: Vocal
  • Ali Ryerson: Flute
  • Kenny Stahl: Flute
  • Paul Contos: Alto Sax
  • Gary Regina: Alto Sax
  • Roger Eddy: Tenor Sax
  • Paul Tarantino: Bari Sax
  • Brian Stock: Fluegelhorn
  • Lauri Hofer-Romero: Vocal
  • Dottie Dodgion: Vocal
  • Bob Phillips: Piano
  • Jan Deneau: Piano
  • David ‘Dasher’ Kempton: Keyboards
  • Steve Ezzo: Guitar
  • Dan Robbins: Bass
  • Dennis Murphy: Electric Bass
  • Andy Weis: Drums

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