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Deb: Original Composition by Roger Eddy

Andy Weis Presents the Monterey All-Stars

Deb: original composition by Roger Eddy

About the Monterey All-Stars


I had already heard the original version of Deb at Roger’s studio (I even got to record a version,) so when he chose it for the show, I was pleased. It’s a beautiful tune, and the expanded horns make it even warmer. So I built a warm, thick electric piano timbre with strings for the rubato introduction, as it seemed to fit the character of the piece. I was plagued by the mAudio keyboard, which periodically throws out full-volume notes instead of what your fingers actually play, and I had to work around that, a rather interesting (in the Confucian sense) challenge.


In choosing songs for this show Roger Eddy asked me if he could send me a rough mix
of a ballad that he wrote for his lady. When I listened to it I literally cried. I
called him right away (still choked up) and he asked if we could perform it. “Are
you kidding? YES” I replied. He immediately wrote a 12 piece large band arrangement.

David “Dasher” Kempton begins the song on keyboards and it sounds like a piano with
a symphony. WOW! With the flutes and saxes providing smooth backround, Roger tells
his story of a reflection of love. The WAY he tells it though, makes it something we
can all relate to when reflecting on the person we each personally love.

Brian Stock’s fluegelhorn solo reaches from deep within, contributing greatly to this
piece. We all wanted to make this song very special and I think it shows. A special
song from a special person dedicated to the one he loves, and she is very special


  • Roger Eddy: Tenor Sax
  • Paul Contos: Tenor Sax
  • Gary Regina: Alto Sax
  • Paul Tarantino: Bari Sax
  • Brian Stock: Fluegelhorn
  • David ‘Dasher’ Kempton: Electric Piano
  • Steve Ezzo: Guitar
  • Dan Robbins: Bass
  • Andy Weis: Drums

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