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You Don’t Know What Love Is

Andy Weis Presents the Monterey All-Stars

You Don’t Know What Love Is

About Lauri Hofer-Romero


If Monterey has one “do-it-all” vocalist, that would be Lauri. At home in jazz, swing, country, rock, blues and/or funk either as lead or backup vocalist, Lauri has a lot of tricks up her sleeves. Powerful, articulate and always prepared, Lauri sets the Gold Standard for what an all-purpose vocalist can be. her performance here demonstrates why she is the first-call singer for so many artists and venues.


Lauri Hofer-Romero can’t be classified as a jazz, rock, R&B, funk or any other style of singer. She can do it all, and with great conviction. So, when I asked her to be a part of this, I just said, “Pick any song you want” because I knew that anything she chose would be perfect. As always, I wasn’t disappointed. With “You Don’t Know What Love Is” she not only brought out a beautiful jazz classic (seldom heard anymore) but uniquely adapted it into a slow churning samba.

Of special note in this song is the beautiful nylon string guitar solo by Steve Ezzo. After the show, a wonderful guitar player said to me it was one of the finest guitar solos he had ever heard. And how about Kenny Stahl’s bass flute solo – Wow! One thing you can say about Lauri is that she sings a song in a way that brings out the emotion of the story within the song with undeniable style and spot on pitch. Lauri Hofer-Romero will always be one of my favorite singers.


  • Lauri Hofer-Romero: Vocal
  • Kenny Stahl: Flute
  • David ‘Dasher’ Kempton: Electric Piano
  • Steve Ezzo: Guitar
  • Dan Robbins: Bass
  • Andy Weis: Drums

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