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My Opening Theme
Make Me a Memory

About the Mission Ranch Gig

The Intro

in July of 2010, I got a call asking me to substitute for the regular pianist; the U.S. Open was in town and he hated playing to the huge, noisy crowds.

The first night, Thursday, the room was indeed jammed full, standing room only. In the middle of the first set, Clint Eastwood (beside being a world-renown actor and director, he also owns the joint) plopped down on the piano bench next to me. He leaned into my ear and said the last words I would ever have expected – “I’m a big fan.” That, of course, was more my line, but I was not going to quibble.

At the end of the evening, Sue, the manager, asked if i would like the gig full-time. I have been having fun here ever since. Not only that, but Sue, since hiring me, has gone from manager of the Restaurant to General Manager of the whole complex! Coincidence? You decide…


The Gig

Every night is a different experience; Monterey and Carmel host many tourist attractions, golf and automobile special events and a world-class view along the coastline. We never know who is likely to appear; on any given day, movie stars, musicians, race car drivers and entertainment industry professionals rub shoulders with tourists from Topeka. (Not to imply there are celebrities in regular attendance, most days it’s just us folks.) But requests are always welcome, and applause is universally appreciated.

The Room

Playing solo piano has not been a priority for me, so I had to come up with some background bass and orchestral tracks quickly. Fortunately, the Dino and David band provided a great starting repertoire, and I continue to add new arrangements and compositions regularly.

The piano is tuned every week, sometimes more if too many strings are broken (there are four pianists pounding away, the piano is played 45 hours every week!)

My regular customers love the food and service, as well as the sparkling music for their dining pleasure. Please come join us, you will be glad you did!’

napkin sketch

From a fan -Thanks

A Very Special Thank You

Every night, people come up to me and thank me for the experience. Sometimes they tell me stories of how a particular song reminds them of a long-past event, or relationship. To you wonderful listeners, I cannot begin to express my gratitude for your response. I appreciate you at least as much as you appreciate my music. Thank you.