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Prophetz of Time and Space


Prophetz of Time and Space

play my original tunes

  • Tangishaka by Prophetz of Time and Space
  • Transplacement of the Underbearing by Prophetz of Time and Space
  • Reminiscence by Prophetz of Time and Space
  • Finnegan’s Dream by Prophetz of Time and Space
  • Finnegans Sleep (sequence) by Prophetz of Time and Space

About the Prophetz

The Prophetz of Time and Space combines former Zytron bassist Steve Vasconcellos with some of the finest musicians of our time: Ndugu Chancler is a world-renoun percussionist who has performed with virtually all the top names in jazz and pop, violinist Jerry Goodman’s credentials are equally impressive, as are all the players. Together, these musicians are in the full embrace of their art: the music takes over and plays the performer, who plays the listener…

About the Music


Tangishaka is a Burundi word meaning “God gives what he wishes.” The song is in 7/4, with the solos in a double-time montuno format.

Transplacement of the Underbearing

Transplacement of the Underbearing is a complex song with unusual time signatures – 22/8, divided 6/6/6/4, a 5/4 bridge section and transitioning between them is a pattern in 8½/4.


A gentle but powerful cruiser in 15/4 (like a typical pattern of four bars of 4/4, but with the last beat missing. The melody is very Hindustani in nature, comples and rapid but consistent.

Finnegan’s Dream-Prophetz
Finnegans Sleep-original

Finnegans Sleep is a wordplay on Joyce’s Finnegans Wake. Vasco screwed up the title (twice!) renaming it Finnegan’s Dream and also omitted the backline ostinado, which I consider an important part of the composition. So I have included my version of the piece for comparison (this is just a reference track, not a final recording.) The Vasco track is brilliantly performed, my issue is the omission of the ostinato…


  • Steve Vasconcellos: Bass
  • Jerry Goodman: Violin
  • Brandon Fields: Sax
  • Otmaro Ruiz: Piano (Tom McMoran on Tangishaka)
  • Tadashi Namba: Keyboards
  • Ndugu Chancler: Drums (Enzo Tedesco on Tangishaka)
  • Munyungo Jackson: Percussion