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About the Music

The recordings available for sale come from a variety of sources, including professional 24-track, professional 8-track, Tascam semi-pro 8-track, stereo live to digital with just a pair of room mikes and pure sample-based recordings where no mikes were needed.

The music itself ranges from genius to insecure, you decided which is which. Music from this section can be purchased in the Soundsmith Shop.

Some of the best tracks on the site are not available for resale, either I do not have the rights or the material or both. The rest are here to share. Enjoy!

About Our Videos…

All the videos on this site have been created from footage of the events recorded along with relevant photos. In some cases, the videos are a simple linear recordings of the event, in others, recreated from many independent sources. Sony Vegas was used as video editor, and my special thanks to Ken Burns for the inpiration for the project, without the pan-and-zoom techniques he popularized, the videos would be much more boring…

There are too many contributors to name individually, but my thanks to all of you who sent me photos and video clips, they were vital to the production.