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Great Fusion Jazz

Don’t You Think It’s Time


  • Don’t You Think It’s Time by Courtial
  • Thank You Baby by Courtial
  • Time To Explain by Courtial
  • Best Of Friends by Courtial
  • Poem For Helen by Courtial
  • Losing You by Courtial
  • Love Nevermore by Courtial
  • Take The Time by Courtial
  • Con On The Cob by Courtial


About the Courtial Band

The band was originally formed to perform music for a play. Us, The Rest of Us folded opening night, leaving the band, already a tight-knit unit, free to open at a small club in Menlo Park, Butterfield’s. The restaurant had been featuring Vince Guaraldi, but when he passed away unexpectedly, the owners of the club, friends of Bill Courtial, asked for help finding a band, and the timing was perfect.

Word quickly spread, and every night, Butterfield’s became the melting pot for Menlo Park/Palo Alto/Mountain View cognoscenti to gather. Ferraris and Mercedes SELs parked next to Volkswagen hippie busses, everybody dancing and partying hard.

After a few months, club still filled to overflowing, the band began plans for this project. The rest, as they say, is hysterical…

For me as a musician, the experience was nothing short of amazing, true musical telepathy. The band members previously had only played with Ed, the bassist and founder. I had met Geoff in Big Sur, but we had never heard each other. Yet from the very first notes, there was a commonality of tone, direction and purpose. There was no “trying to make it fit.” You just played what you play, and it worked. And sounded uniquely like us. Every time. In no band before ()or since) have I had that experience



  • Bill Courtial: Guitar
  • Errol Knowles: Vocals
  • David ‘Dasher’ Kempton: Keyboards
  • Bass: Ed Williams III
  • Drums: Geoff Whyte
  • Percussion: Jose Najera

Recorded at Wally Heider’s in San Francisco

These recordings may be downloaded

Courtial The Second

  • Persian Golf by Courtial
  • I Don’t Want To Cry by Courtial
  • I Know You Didn’t Just Say That by Courtial

About the Second Album

Originally produced as a cassette recording framed on a record album-sized cover, we recorded this at the Music Annex in Palo Alto. Shortly thereafter, Willie Bobo expressed interest in the band and some of the songs, and Errol Knowles and I went off to LA to join Willie for a successful Columbia album and European tour.

Live at The Winery

  • Days of Wine and Roses by Courtial
  • Killer Joe by Courtial
  • All Blues by Courtial
  • Down Here On The Ground by Courtial
  • Coming Over Me by Courtial
  • Summertime by Courtial
  • This Masquerade by Courtial
  • Impressions by Courtial

About the Winery

After a highly successful stay at Butterfield’s, the band was invited to play at an upscale restaurant a few miles south in Mountain View. We never turned the place out like we did every night in Menlo, this was a more conservative establishment and crowd, but they were nonetheless very appreciative and did their Republican best to party…

Paul van Wageningen joined us on drums for this date. Great grooves!