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Especially For You


Modern Piano Interpretations of
Jazz and Pop Standards

  • Make Me A Memory by David Kempton
  • Laura by David Kempton
  • Dindi by David Kempton
  • Arthur’s Theme by David Kempton
  • Rina’s Eyes by David Kempton
  • Nearness of You by David Kempton
  • Fields of Gold by David Kempton
  • Send In The Clowns by David Kempton
  • Body and Soul by David Kempton
  • Spring Can Really Hang You Up The Most by David Kempton
  • Sailing by David Kempton
  • Fragile by David Kempton
  • For Jimmy by David Kempton


About Especially For You
(the On-Liner Notes)

This is the first in a set of albums of most requested songs at the Mission Ranch. It is an eclectic mix, reflecting both my taste and choices and those of my clientele. Mostly easy listening with a lyrical romanticism, and a jazz edge that penetrates and infuses the tracks with energy.


Listen to the Music

Make Me a Memory

This is the song I choose to open with each evening. It announces my intent to make each evening a memorable one, and it serves to warm my hands for the nest of the set.



I have taken a (George) Shearing, locked-hands approach to this melody, and a minor twist in the second half, just for fun.



A Jobim perennial I performed many times with Latin-jazz star Willie Bobo.


Arthur’s Theme

A fun song, if you like salsa. “If you get caught between the moon and New York City…”
Noo Yawk City?


Rina’s Eyes

I wrote this song to commemorate 25 years of marriage to my wonderful wife, Rina. The first moment I saw her, her amazing eyes were what drew me in – and still do.


The Nearness of You

I enjoy this arrangement a lot. The ending is a bit reminiscent of the Otis Redding version of Try A Little Tenderness.


Fields of Gold

A powerful Sting tune. Purple dinosaurs abound “…among the fields of Barneys…”

Send In the Clowns

Sondheim and Streisand – like popcorn and butter…


Body and Soul

An up-tempo samba drives this version of the old chestnut.


Spring Can Really Hang You Up The Most

A song in serious contention for the “world’s ‘longest song title,” with a very rich arrangement, and close-voiced chordal melody.



Another Christopher Cross tune, this time with an updated improv section.



Sting again, with an important message for the world – “How Fragile We Are…”


For Jimmy

I wrote this on the night of Jimmy Smith’s passing. I heard about it from Pete Fallico’s radio show while driving home from my gig. Got home, turned on my Hammond, and this is what came out.
This version is the Mobius Fourtet, I also have a full 20-piece big band version, but you can watch the first public performance of the original organ combo arrangement at the 50th Monterey Jazz Festival.


About the Recording


Recording Acoustic Piano

Trying to create a modern, sensitive acoustic piano recording can pose quite a challenge in areas outside of the large artistic populations – Los Angeles, New York, Nashville. It can be difficult to find an instrument with the sound that matches the tone of the album.

I recorded this album five times before I was satisfied with the recording quality. First I tried to record the piano in my studio, but that is a pop-oriented instrument, and too bright for this project. Next, i tried to do it all electronically, but most MIDI keyboards do not have the proper touch for jazz phrasing and lack full dynamic range. A studio in Santa Cruz had a nice instrument, but the midrange was played out by years of rockers pounding out rhythms. Then a friend in Carmel Valley offered, and I could have performed the project there, but I was not playing well that day. Finally, at the Church of Religious Science in Pacific Grove, I recorded the tracks that you hear on the CD


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