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Especially For Romance


Modern Piano Interpretations of
Jazz and Pop Standards

  • Somewhere In Time by David Kempton
  • I Remember You by David Kempton
  • Invitation by David Kempton
  • Forest Flower by David Kempton
  • Love Story by David Kempton
  • Tangerine by David Kempton
  • What Are You Doing The Rest Of Your Life by David Kempton
  • Rocket Man by David Kempton
  • Shangri-la by David Kempton
  • M.A.S.H. Theme by David Kempton
  • Dreamsville by David Kempton


About Especially For Romance
(the On-Liner Notes)

This is the third in a set of albums of most requested songs at the Mission Ranch. This particular album focuses on warm, intimate compositions that reflect the mysteries of romance and love. The perfect gift for that special someone.

Listen to the Music

Somewhere in Time

Theme from the movie, this is my take on the Roger Williams classic, for which I have my fans and friends Ken and Francine Meadors to thank.


I Remember You

Salsa twist to this perennial. I Remember You – dancing the mambo?



Quirky, harmonically complex and eclectic, this is how smooth jazz meets Monk.


Forest Flower

The totally unique chord structure of this Charles Lloyd composition makes it a personal favorite. Romantic, elusive, seductive and promising, all traits of the fragile flower that blooms deep in the forest.


Love Story

Another movie theme, this time from the classic tale of love lost without regret.



She is all they say. And you are just ecstatically happy to have her in your life.


What Are You Doing With The Rest of Your Life

Would you spend it with me? Can’t get much more romantic than forever together…


Rocket Man

Elton John’s famous tale, the romance of space, and of the everyday, ordinary people who risk their lives doing ordinary jobs in extraordinary circumstances.



This is one of the first “power ballads” I developed 45 years ago, while playing one of my first Hammond organ gigs. I have attempted to recreate the experience on piano, the result is a tad schmaltzy perhaps, but then so is the idea of Shangri-la…


Theme from M*A*S*H

Poignant and moving, the only song about the way out…



Henry Mancini composed one of the most beautiful harmonic structures in modern pop music for an episode of Peter Gunn, a TV series from the early sixties. Warm and inviting, come dream with me.


Dolphin Dance

This is another of my favorite harmonic sequences. Herbie Hancock’s totally original chords and wonderful phrasing. The romance and mystery of the sea, the intimacy of a solo piano.

If Ever I Would Leave You

…it wouldn’t be in autumn –
the mortgage is due…


Last Tango In Paris

The romance of the forbidden, and the recognition that love can be ephemeral.

About the Recording

Producing The New Album

When it became time to record the third piano solo CD, I decided to focus on songs of love in its many varieties. This set of titles covers a wide spectrum of feelings related to romance, not always sweetness and light (roses have thorns…) Enjoy this music with the knowledge that the mystery of romantic attraction will never be fully understood – nor would we want it to…