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  • Love Is Blind by Rhinoblossom
  • Celebration Blues by Rhinoblossom
  • Rain On The Sea by Rhinoblossom
  • Damn Your Eyes by Rhinoblossom

The Rhinoblossom Blues Band



Rhinoblossom came together to play the 1993 Monterey Bay Blues Festival. The whole project came together quickly, rehearsing in Ronnie Parker’s garage. The actual recordings were made in my recording studio of the time, a 20-foot travel trailer I had gutted for electronic music production. The recording space was the living room of our home, and the engineering was done in the trailer.


About the Music

Love is Blind

The truth about the truth. We generally don’t see our own flaws, but even more so do we ignore those of our loved ones.

Celebration Blues

Written for the 1993 Monterey Bay Blues Festival, this turned out to purely serendipitously echo the theme for that year, “Celebrate the Blues.”

Rain on the Sea (On Me)

Original autobiographical song by the bassist, Rick Flores.

Damn Your Eyes

The one cover song, Lauri Hofer-Romero sings her heart out on this one.


  • Vocals and Bass: Rick Flores
  • Vocals: Lauri Hofer
  • Guitar: Ronnie Parker
  • Drums: Peter Boorus
  • Keyboards: David ‘Dasher’ Kempton