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Smooth Synths


Electronic Music Studio – Then and Now

Contemporary Electronica

  • In Depth by David Kempton
  • Ms. Moo by David Kempton
  • Fupps! by David Kempton
  • Long Way Home by David Kempton
  • A to Z by David Kempton
  • Spirish by David Kempton
  • Clockwalk by David Kempton
  • Intaglio by David Kempton
  • Cruz by David Kempton
  • Parallax by David Kempton
  • Tranquility Bass by David Kempton
  • London Derriere by David Kempton

Electronic Impressionism

Electronic Impressionism is the name I give to music that has the following characteristics:

  • Created primarily via electronic instrumentation with limited acoustic instruments
  • Small to full Orchestral in scope
  • Electronic timbres used to emulate the effect of the instrument
  • Programmatic thematic material
  • Heart over deliberate intellect

Some Contemporary Electronic Realizations

There are really parts of two albums here. The first are some relatively early compositions that for whatever reasons, never made it to final mastering. They were created in the late seventies and early eighties, mostly on Yamaha DX-7 and Roland U220 ‘ROMpler,’ or sample player.

The rest are compositions created using more advanced techniques of electronic performance, including using Gigastudio sample libraries, physical modeling and additive syhnthesis techniques for advanced compositional control and increased verisimilitude (i.e., it sounds better!)

The plan was to complete the main structure as you hear it, then replace most of the tracks with live drums and sax, and probably bass. But a computer crash trashed the files (I did have them backed up, but the backups would not retore…) So here they are, drum machine loops and all, for your consideration.


About the Music

Most of these compositions are incomplete, stemming from a system crash that cost me both my works in progress and my backup media. Don’t ask…

At that time, the tracks were lacking drum parts, and the mixes were basic, two-dimensional engineer’s mixes. As the only remaining remnants of that period, I offer the tracks as a single download.

In Depth

Exploration of a particular harmonic interaction when the bass centers around the third.

Ms. Moo

Dedicated to my sweet wife.


Onamatapoeic title for a popping little tune.

Long Way Home

Something for cruising the coast…

A to Z

Covers all the basses – or bases – or basis


This reminded me of a Spiro Gyra tune, so I went with it.


Suggested by a friend.


A pastiche of emotions and hopes swirl through this exploration.


Latin flavor, but definitely not the definitive experience.


Theme looking for its movie, this began life as a test pattern for a new synth module.

Tranquility Bass

Melllow, just plain low. Play it softly.

London Derierre

Smooth jazzy rework of this ancient melody.


  • David ‘Dasher’ Kempton: Electronic keyboards