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  • Fog Dance by David Kempton
  • Meltdown by David Kempton

Original songs from REB

The Roger Eddy Band pretty much owned the Monterey young adult non-rock entertainment scene for about ten years in the eighties. All the major Monterey venues of the time – Cibo, then know as the Brasserie, the Fog Bank, gone but not forgotten, and Sly McFly’s all felt the power of this hot ensemble.


About the Tunes

Fog Dance

I wrote Fog Dance while the band was performing at the Fog Bank Saloon in Monterey’s Cannery Row It was recorded for the first Roger Eddy Band album project and released at that time.



Meltdown was a different story. The band had gone to Sun Valley for a working vacation – playing nights and skiing days. As I do not now, nor will I in all probability ever, strap a pair of skis to my feet, I stayed at the hotel writing music. A local studio offered us free studio time as part of a recording engineering class the studio was conducting, and this song happened to be available and ready to record. This is the result.


  • Roger Eddy: Saxopones, flute
  • Michael Lent: Guitars
  • David ‘Dasher’ Kempton: Keyboards
  • Dennis Murphy/Larry Antonino: Bass
  • Frankie Nuovo: Drums