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The Scores

These scores are in a variety of formats and eras.
I have written quite a few songs over the years, and decided to publish some of them on this site. There’s something for almost everyone here.

Audio Reference

  • For Jimmy by David Kempton
  • You Just My Size by David Kempton
  • Padiddle (head) by David Kempton
  • Kinder Gentler Groove by David Kempton
  • Kinder Gentler Groove (Sibelius) by David Kempton
  • Pete’s Pearl by David Kempton
  • Big Greasy Elephant (Sibelius) by David Kempton


About the Arrangements

Some of these scores are written in Allegro/Finale, others are in Sibelius 5. The Big Band charts are all Sibelius. Big Band charts are written for 4 trumpets, 4 trombones (one bass) and 5 saxes plus rhythm.

About the Rights

These scores are copyright © 2008 by David Kempton and The Soundsmith, and all rights are reserved. You are free to perform the songs wherever you would like. You may also record any of these songs, but standard recording compensation royalty agreements are applicable.

About the Tunes

For Jimmy (combo)

For Jimmy was written the night of organ master Jimmy Smith’s passing. I was on my way home from my regular gig when I heard the news. i went directly to my studio, turned on the organ and this song came out.
For non-organ groups, the fluegelhorn is lead, tenor is harmony, play the end chorus counterpoint line only if you have enough instruments, else play it before the last head out.

For Jimmy – Big Band

The big band version incorporates all the sections including the ensenble drum fours.


You Just My Size

You Just My Size is a funky, nasty, Dr. John-meets-Randy Newman kind of slow boogaloo, or swump. Play as an instrumental if no vocalist.



Padiddle is a fun, funny hip-hop groove based on Perdido. Open it up for solos and free the structure, or alternate hip-hop and swing, or take it all the way outside. (For those that don’t know, or don’t remember, a Padiddle is an automobile with one headlight not working. As kids, we’d shout out “Padiddle,” and point to the offending vehicle…


Kinder, Gentler Groove-Sibelius Big Band
Kinder, Gentler Groove-Live Big Band

Kinder, Gentler Groove is a basic, 30s-style Basie-era swing tune with a twist. Watch out for the harmony, you wind up in a different key than you start!
There is no demo if the combo version, the big band version is in two flavors, the Sibelius program’s midi performance and a live rehearsal (first time they saw the chart.)


Rina’s Eyes

Rina’s Eyes was written for my wife on our 25th anniversary. We met at a party; literally across a crowded room our eyes met and i was instantly enthralled. Twenty-five years later, this is one result.
Play it with love…


Pete’s Pearl

Pete’s Pearl is dedicated to Pete Fallico, the gentleman who got me back into the ‘real deal’ Hammonds, after years of trying to convince myself that a clone was good enough. The composition was premiered at Jazz at Pearl’s in San Francisco. thus…

The track is from a Zoom recorder in the studio during the one rehearsal we had for that gig, and we actually played it better here. Enjoy…

Big Greasy Elephant-Live Combo
Big Greasy Elephant-Sibelius Big Band

Big Greasy Elephant was my first odd-meter big band arrangement. In 1967 I was rehearsing with a Baltimore big band conducted by Hank Levy, playing Don Ellis arrangements before Don saw them. The composer had written an 11/8 tune with a 4-4-3 feel. On my regular organ bar gig that night, it occurred to me that 3-3-3-2 was far more powerful, as the ‘missing’ beat had the effect of powerfully propelling the groove. The result was this song.
The live performance is the Zytron Aquarian Ensemble, performing at Bach Dancing and Dynamite Society in the mid-seventies. The big band score is a midi performance from Sibelius (the program I use to write the score.) This was written well after the original composition, and evokes a Mingus-like Better Git It In Your Soul feel (if played properly..)


Chen The Arousing

Chen is one of the eight Primary Trigrams of the I Ching. Originally written as a purely electronic composition for my Primary Trigrams album (you can hear that version here.) Inevitably it wound up in the Zytron songbook as a funky dance number that always gets them out on the floor.


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