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Jazz on the Wharf

Capitola Pier March 18, 2007

  • 1-Softly as in a Morning Sunrise by Capitola Pier Group
  • 2-Forest Flower by Capitola Pier Group
  • 3-Green Sun God by Capitola Pier Group
  • 4-St. Thomas by Capitola Pier Group
  • 5-So What by Capitola Pier Group
  • 6-Sudden Samba by Capitola Pier Group
  • 7-All Blues by Capitola Pier Group


About the Gig

I got a call from long-time friend and drummer/percussionist James Zitro to play the annual Capitola music festival. I had not been playing regularly at the time, so my chop was really down and I had not been using my portable rig recently so the intricacies of the setup were rather murky as well (whine, whine…)

Dan, of course, plays brilliantly. And if you like it, you can download it free.


Listen to the Music

Softly as in a Morning Sunrise

A relaxed intro to the afternoon.

2-Forest Flower

Charles Lloyd perennial with a former Lloyd drummer.

3-Green Sun God

Original coposition by Zitro.

4-St. Thomas

Joyful dancable calypso by Sonny Rollins.

5-So What

Classic Miles.

6-Sudden Samba

Neil Larsen wrote it, just about everybody has recorded it, ’cause it’s a fun tune!

7-All Blues

Miles jam perennial. Enjoy!



  • David ‘Dasher’ Kempton: Keyboards
  • Bass: Dan Robbins
  • Drums: James Zitro