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Tasty Tunes, Timely Tributes

Dedicated to the whole gang of reprobates

About the Videos

Over the years, I have created video recordings of a number of great jam sessions, some of these are recordings of fine musicians who have since passed, thus I post these as a small portion of their legacy. I have assembled a collection of my favorites, please enjoy them for what they are; transcriptions of musicians having fun. Many of these are available to download for free at the Soundsmith Shop.
The videos were almost all taken from a series of jam session at the homes of friends, I have posted these in part to show off my editing skills – or lack thereof—speaking of which, kudos and apologies to Ken Burns…

All the original videos were shot from static positions, no zooming was done, and for the most part, no physical panning. This was all performed in the editing, and require zooming in on the video – rather than the artists – thus resolution is degraded, sometimes greatly. it was the only way to keep the visuals interesting without turning it into an MTV spectacular…


Listen to the Music



Judy Blair, Bill Armstrong
Just Friends

This is perhaps my favorite video editing project. I shot the “PaxJam” series with two or three camcorders, aimed across the stage area. The gathering here was pure spontaneous serendipity – just friends, getting together, hanging out and just glad to be together. A perfect beginning to this video series.
Judy Blair, piano, Bill Armstrong, trumpet, Lee Schell, guitar, Don Roseff, bass, Dino Vera drums.


Ace Hill
When I Fall In Love

Harmonically challenged but groove enhanced, Ace Hill was the Monterey Peninsula’s blues guru, a master of soulful, funky standards and blues favorites. This is, to the best of my knowledge, the last recording of Ace’s magic. Enjoy!
Ace Hill, piano, Dan Robbins, bass, Mike McKinley, drums.



From the “Diane and Doug” jams, myself with a fun rhythm section.
David Kempton, piano, Don Roseff, bass, Jim Vanderswaan, drums.


Autumn Leaves

recorded at a Peter Paxton jam session.
David Kempton, piano, Frank Passantino, bass, Mike McKinley, drums.


Blue Bossa

Relaxed version of this Kenny Dorham classic, from the Diane Michella jam session.
Lee Schell, guitar, Don Roseff, bass, David Kempton, piano, Jim Vanderswaan, drums.


I Remember Clifford

Along Came Betty horns featured in this soulful ballad.
Paul Tarantino, sax, Brian Stock, fluegelhorn, David Kempton, piano, Heath Proskin, bass, Bill Jones, drums.


Dolphin Dance

Paul Tarantino, sax, Dino Vera on drums, Heath Proskin on bass, and I play this Herbie Hancock composition.



Along Came Betty horns and arrangement, grooving track.
Paul Tarantino, sax, Brian Stock, fluegelhorn, David Kempton, piano, Heath Proskin, bass, Bill Jones, drums.


Judy Blair, Bill Armstrong

Judy Blair and Bill Armstrong feature in this Blue Note favorite.
Judy Blair, piano, Bill Armstrong, trumpet, Don Roseff, bass, Dino Vera, drums.


Bob Phillips, Bill Armstrong
Alone Together

A great version of this jazz standard..
Bob Phillips, piano, Bill Armstrong, trumpet, Sean Stillinger, bass and Vince Lateano, drums.


Jan Deneau
Blues in the Key of Jan

A solid, swinging groove from another master of blues piano.
Jan Deneau, piano, Lee Schell, guitar, Tom Bockhold, bass, Andy Weis, drums


Kenny Stahl
Bernie’s Tune

Kenny Stahl tears up this jazz standard.
Kenny Stahl, flute, Bob Phillips, piano, Heath Proskin, bass, Bill Jones, drums


Going Somewhere

A Biff Smith composition based on Out of Nowhere. The Along Came Betty horns get to show off their Blue Note chops.
Paul Tarantino, sex, Brian Stock, fluegelhorn, Gennady Loktionov, piano, Heath Proskin, bass, Bill Jones, drums


Downtown James Brown – the Video

Downtown James Brown was/is a fun, funky, hard-grooving band that channels the James Brown Experience for today’s dancers. Enjoy the promo video but don’t try to book the band…


Medfield Reunion Video

This is a 41-minute long compilation I created for my 50th Class Reunion (along with classmate Edna Colcord). The soundtrack is a combination of my original music and songs from the era that fit the mood. If you are not from Medfield, Mass. you probably won’t be interested, but you are welcome to enjoy anyway…



And Still More…


Free Video Downloads

DVDs are no longer available from the Soundsmith Shop. The Diane Michella performances and the Medfield Reunion video are available for free download here.